Moving Target Digitalisation: Re-Thinking Global Exchange in Higher Education

Monday, October 5 to Tuesday, October 6, 2020

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Professor Habel and Professor Nacken will take part in the virtual DAAD conference Moving Target Digitalisation: Re-Thinking Global Exchange in Higher Education on 5 and 6 October 2020. The conference will focus on the internationalization of higher education in the digital change. Both professors will present the MyScore software for avatar-based teaching and learning and the possible applications in higher education. The workshop will discuss pros and cons of online based teaching and learning.

MyScore software for avatar based teaching and learning

Within the framework of the RWTH MyScore project, one of the subprojects is developing a software to realize 3D-VR scenarios that can be used for online teaching. The goal is to bring together participants (lecturers and students) independent of their real location in order to realize joint teaching and learning activities in a VR scenario. For example, engineers from the RWTH Aachen University can work together with colleagues from the IDEA League universities to prepare a scoping appointment for the approval of a water management measure without having to travel themselves (Student Mobility), prospective environmental engineers can learn how to erect and dismantle mobile flood protection walls, law students can reduce their exam nerves by playing through tasks of the first state exam with examiners, prospective engineers can get feedback from a psychological perspective on their appearances in a virtual citizens' appointment.

The software is being developed for the DAAD with BMBF funding. After completion of the project, the software will be made available as an open source solution to all interested colleges and universities for their own use. The designed 3D scenarios will be made available as open educational rescoures also under a CC BY 4.0 license.


More About the Topic

Professor Nacken and his team are developing an innovative software for avatar-based teaching and learning with numerous features as part of the MyScore project.