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Transfer of Transcript of Records via Blockchain Technology - Feasibility Study Completed

As part of the MyScore project, a feasibility study was conducted on the use of blockchain technology in the context of university mobility. The presentation of the results took place on 17.8.2022. The study shows that the use of blockchain technology within international student mobility is feasible and has numerous advantages, such as security against forgery, time savings and economic efficiency. As a use case, the sending of a transcript of records from RWTH Aachen University to the National University of Singapore was demonstrated. The hybrid presentation was attended by 23 participants in person and 45 online.

Goals of the MyScore Project

In the MyScore project, we have been working on several digital teaching and learning opportunities since August 2019. We will further develop the following points:

  • Expanding transnational teaching
  • Promotion of transnational curricula
  • Creating transnational examination opportunities

We plan to digitize the international student exchange at RWTH Aachen University, to implement advanced sub-projects, and to support teachers, students, and administrative staff with digital tools. The video summarizes the goals of the project.

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Interview with Professor Habel on the digitization of higher education in times of pandemic.
Professor Habel describes also the important role of the MyScore project in the field of digitization and international mobility.