Avatar-based Teaching and Learning

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The MyScore software for avatar-based teaching and learning enables lectures in virtual lecture halls to be held, thus allowing students to take part, regardless of their location. The software also offers numerous possibilities to create virtual scenarios and offers a variety of usage options.

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The video shows an example of how Virtual Labs can be used in university teaching. A mobile flood protection wall is built and tested. The avatar software, which was developed within the MyScore project, offers numerous possibilities to extend university teaching with blended learning offers.

MyScore software for avatar based teaching and learning

In the video, Professor Nacken presents the MyScore software for avatar-based teaching and learning and explains the possible applications in university teaching.

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First Master's colloquium at RWTH Aachen University held in an avatar-based room.

The video shows Professor Simon Paganini's first experience in virtual space.


Studying as a Virtual Avatar - How Does That Work? - Report in Bayerischer Rundfunk (de)

VR Raum

The Bayerischer Rundfunk has broadcasted an interesting article about the MyScore software "Avatar based teaching and learning". In the video, Professor Nacken and his team show further application possibilities in university teaching. The video " Studying as a virtual avatar - how does it work?" can also be accessed online.