Department of Engineering Hydrology

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The teaching and research field of Lehr- und Forschungsgebiet Ingenieurhydrologie has developed from classical deterministic precipitation flow modelling via the coupling of deterministic and stochastic modules to the current phase of rule-based neuro-fuzzy models. The staff of the department has profound knowledge in the field of development and application of precipitation-runoff models in all spatial and temporal dimensions of established water management problems. The models developed range from quantitative deterministic water balance models to flood prediction tools with Kalman filtering.

In addition to these technical topics, the Lehr- und Forschungsgebiet Ingenieurhydrologie has been for years intensively involved in the integration of innovative teaching and learning settings in basic teaching at RWTH Aachen. This is partly due to the fact that Prof. Dr. Nacken is one of the initiators of the digitization strategy of the RWTH Aachen and is connected to the general educational mission of UNESCO through his chair for Lehrstuhl für Hydrologischen Wandel.

All teaching contents of Prof. Dr. Nacken are provided as Open Educational Resources (OER) under a CC BY license for free general use.