Institute of Mineral Resources Engineering, in short MRE

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The Institute of Mineral Resources Engineering, in short MRE emerged in 2015 from the mining engineering institutes BBK I and BBK III. The Institute of Mining Engineering was founded in 1880 as one of the first institutes of the RWTH Aachen University. True to the motto "Knowledge to Resource the Future", the institute today trains mineral resource engineers and participates in inter- and multidisciplinary research on an international level. Through creative solutions, the Institute of Mineral Resources Engineering is thus able to meet the complex interrelationships of a sustainable supply of raw materials in research and teaching.

RWTH Aachen offers students of the M.Sc. program in Natural Resources Engineering the opportunity to participate in the independent English master program European Mining Course, in short EMC. The course is organized by three universities: RWTH Aachen, Delft University and Aalto University. It is a two-year triple-degree Master's programme in which students study at the three partner universities and write their final thesis at a partner university of their choice in the fourth semester. The European Mining Course is a very good example for the combination of structurally and financially supported international mobility of students. Sustainability in the guarantee of physical mobility is achieved here through the participation of industry partners.