Common Courses with Partner Universities


Summer term 2020

two people stand next to the call TU Delft Copyright: © Fachgruppe Physik

In the current summer term 2020, the Department of Physics at RWTH has successfully implemented two common-courses in the Master's Program, under the initiative Distance Learning and Distance Assessment pertaining to the MyScore Project, in collaboration with two of its partner universities, namely, the Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden and the Delft University of Technology, in short TU Delft, Netherlands. Both courses belong to the Quantum Technology track, a direction that had emerged as a mutual interest in our communications with the collaborating partners.

The first common-course, Quantum Measurement by Professor D. DiVincenzo, held at RWTH, is being attended by interested students from both RWTH and the partner universities via the video conference system Zoom. The assessment of the students for this course is also to be done online, where they would be required to present course-projects assigned to them by Professor DiVincenzo.

The second common-course, Quantum Error Correction by Professor B.M. Terhal at TU Delft, is, in a similar way, being attended by interested students from both RWTH and Chalmers. The local assistance, ensuring the proper running of the virtual lectures and tutorials at RWTH, is being supervised by Dr. M. Rispler, Institute of Quantum Information, RWTH, in collaboration with TU Delft. At RWTH, this course has been implemented as elective course with 5 ECTS in the Master's program to enable our students to register for the same and for the assessment by themselves, just like any other course at RWTH.

The material for both courses, like lecture-notes, exercise sheets, links to joining lectures and tutorials, are being made available to students of corresponding partner universities via a common cloud storage in Dropbox. This however is a temporary solution to address the absence of a common learning platform among the partner universities, and requires a different solution in the future.

As for the upcoming winter term 2020/2021, there are already three more common-courses in the the pipe-line: Quantum Optics to be held by RWTH, Quantum Algorithm to be held by the Chalmers University of Technology and Theoretical Modeling of Superconducting Qubits to be held by TU Delft. All of these courses will be implemented as elective courses in the Quantum Technology track at RWTH.

The possibilities of additional common-courses to continue and expand the current collaboration are presently under investigation.