E-Learning Conference 2021 „Teach Online – Study Abroad“

  Dr. Sharma Copyright: © Dr. Sharma

Dr. Sharma will discuss the administrative and management challenges of transnational teaching at the E-Learning Conference 2021 on May 06.The Mobility System Cooperation in Higher Education (MyScore) Project at RWTH Aachen is responsible for establishing and developing digitally supported curricula with strong international collaboration. At the Department of Physics, we have instigated this initiative with two of our partner universities, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, and Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), the Netherlands. The courses related to the latest research topics in the Quantum Technology Master study emerged as common interest. At RWTH, they were implemented as elective courses in the RWTHonline, our campus management system, to enable students to get the ECTS credited. The course material from corresponding universities was shared either at cloud storage or at the learning management system. The course evaluation was done via video conferencing service, followed by the credits transferred to the respective universities. Despite tremendous success after the launch of the digitalized platform for international Master studies, many questions remain open, for instance, concerning the development of a universal learning platform, sharing responsibilities, and administrative difficulties. As an outlook, we are systematically planning to overcome these challenges, expand our collaboration and looking forward to sharing our rich experiences.


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