Motivation of the IMKD

  Student with a tablet Copyright: © Martin Braun

Access to and participation in research and higher education are becoming increasingly global. Physical mobility coupled with virtual access, teaching and cooperation options open up potential for rapid structural change with fundamental changes in learning, knowledge and competence acquisition and international cooperation opportunities. This offers innovative opportunities for universities to develop cross-border offers of physical and virtual mobility for their students with attractive partners, to open up clearly structured and administratively secured forms of digitally supported participation in international educational offers, and to attract highly qualified students at international level. This will not only sustainably develop local teaching-learning conditions but also establish new forms of international cooperation.

In order to support the internationalization and profile development of German universities through a digitally supported orientation of teaching and student mobility, the German Academic Exchange Service, in short DAAD, is funding the program International Mobility and Cooperation digital, in short IMKD, with funds from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in short BMBF.