Project Digital Mobil @ FH Bielefeld


The project "Digital Mobil @ FH Bielefeld" pursues the goal to promote digitally enhanced transnational teaching at the University of Applied Sciences. To do so, the potential of the cross-cutting topics of internationalization and digitization is being used to create the infrastructural prerequisites for more intensive cooperation with numerous international partners. Possible ways to facilitate transnational teaching are by linking learning management systems across partner universities or developing multimedia collaboration solutions. International project work is enhanced through newly created international modules. Administrative processes of student and staff mobility will be simplified in the future. Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences participates in European and international networks such as EWP, Emrex or the Groningen Declaration, and actively uses them to exchange ideas and technical solutions. With the "Digital Mobil" project, Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences is thus doing two things: it is developing and disseminating technical and didactic solutions for cooperation in teaching and it is preparing students for the digitized and globally networked job market of the future.