Project liveSciences³


Transnational and Digital Linked Life Sciences

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For the liveSciences³ project, the University of Göttingen, together with international partners, has designed a comprehensive bundle of interconnected digital activities with which it intends to open up new digital and analogue paths for the Student International Journey in Life Sciences network.

The following three project goals are pursued to increase the international mobility of students:

The Enhanced Student Journey in the Life Sciences Network is shaped through the establishment of digital and transnational enriched and linked curricula and study programs.
The methodological and digital skills of students and teachers are strengthened with in the framework of a developed interdisciplinary Life Sciences Network.
The Student International Journey is modernized and simplified through digital services. The services are defined and implemented by all partners and can be transferred as a reference within the respective countries.

In order to achieve these goals, the University of Göttingen will establish a transnational Life Sciences network for teaching and learning with the focus on sustainability, in which digital teaching and learning formats will be integrated into the curricula and new formats of mobility will be promoted in a Virtual Campus Exchange. The students have a particularly active role to play here. Another major focus of the liveSciences³ project is the modernisation and simplification of the Student International Journey through digital processes of student and examination administration. Special attention will be paid to the establishment of standardized procedures for international student mobility that create transferable structures beyond the network Life Sciences.


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