Use of the VR-Mine


Progress achieved by 2022

  • Continued development of the VR mine and new 3D models were generated.
  • Project trips to Australia (The University of New South Wales) and Tasmania.
  • Production of new tutorial videos.
  • Implementation of the following modules in the curriculum
    • Extraction of raw materials underground (NREV B.Sc.): Drilling and Blasting (Drilling and Blasting Cycle)
    • Mine Design and Simulation (ROI M.Sc., EMC): Mine Safety I (PPE) and Mine Safety II (underground safety risks)
    • Mine Ventilation (ROI M.Sc., EMC): Mine Ventilation I (Measurement and calculation of mine ventilation) and Mine Ventilation II (Equipment for mine ventilation)
  • Evaluation of the integration of the virtual show collection in the courses Mine Waste, Primary Resources and Primary Resource Management as well as the VR mine exercises in the courses Mine Design and Simulation and Mine Ventilation.
  • All e-learning activities with teaching concepts were summarized in a detailed document. In addition, a VR mine workshop for instructors was conducted.
  • Publication in the journal Glückauf Mining Report: Digital Media in Mining Education.

Vision 2024

  • Creation of a 360-degree digital mine
  • Holo-4-Edu: 3D Multi-User Hologram Tables for Future-Oriented Teaching in Natural Resource Sciences and Medicine.